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Parc Botannia Latest Updates:

We would like to congratulate all the buyers that have successfully secured a unit in our development.
For those that haven’t, please get in touch with our sales executives for a free non-obligatory showroom walk-thru!
Say YES to Walking Distance to Amenities, Efficient & Spacious Layout, Quality Finishing, Unit Choices, Attractive Prices! Parc Botannia is Door Step to LRT via covered linkway, 5 mins walk to Seletar Mall, Brandt/Grohe Quality Home Appliances.

10/5/2018: Starbuys Prices Updated. Prices Below
20/04/2018: SALES UPDATE For SOLD Units: 04-25, 19-27, 06-01, 12-10, 14-35, 11-09, 14-22, 08-09, 13-18, 10-09, 16-30, 11-28, 19-18, 06-12, 22-08, 03-18, 10-29, 18-31, 10-29, 12-05, 01-01, 08-07, 17-35, 03-20, 09-32, 02-28, 07-29. Congratulations To All Buyers!
25/03/2018: Starbuys Prices updated. Prices below
20/03/2018: SALES UPDATE For SOLD Units: 10-10, 16-30, 12-14, 02-12, 12-28, 21-08, 02-35, 04-10, 07-09. Congratulations To All Buyers!

26/02/2018: Last 3 units 1br (431sqft) - 22-17 @ 612k, 21-08 @ 614k, 22-08 @ 617k

24/02/2018: SALES UPDATE For SOLD Units: 08-18, 20-26, 12-23, 09-13, 04-13, 14-23, 11-14, 07-14, 06-10, 04-14, 13-20, 03-14, 11-30, 08-10, 04-05, 14-20, 09-10. Congratulations To All Buyers!

22/02/2018: Ang Bao Discount now till 2/3/2018! 3br $10,888 to $13,888 DIRECT Discount!

22/01/2018: SALES UPDATE For SOLD Units: 13-35, 06-05, 11-19, 15-08, 19-08, 09-25, 17-08, 19-20, 12-19, 04-27, 04-23, 20-08, 16-21, 18-21, 10-28, 07-10, 09-28, 02-20, 05-12, 17-21. Congratulations to all buyers!

03/01/2018: SALES UPDATE For SOLD Units: 18-20, 05-24, 21-29

01/01/2018: Parc Botannia Management Wishes All A Bountiful and Beautiful 2018!

29/12/2017: Last 6 Units Of 1br For Sale! SALES UPDATE For SOLD Units: 03-35, 05-18, 14-08, 04-19, 12-17

28/12/2017: Please note that stack 34 1br (pool facing) is fully sold

27/12/2017: we are experiencing a surge in 1+S interest, choice units are still available, 03-35, 05-18 sold. 

25/12/2017: Parc Botannia Management Wishes all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

15/12/2017: Latest PRICE GUIDE: 1+S fr 611k, 2Br from 747k, 2Br Premium fr 823k, 2+S Fr 935k, 3Br fr 1.040m, 3Br Premium fr 1.167m, 4Br fr 1.31m, 5Br Fr 1.595m. Prices subject to changes, only for registered visitors.

12/12/2017: PRICE UPDATE: Scroll to Price guide for Star buy and stack advice.

10/12/2017: SALES UPDATE for SOLD Units: 19-07, 10-14, 15-08, 11-10, 22-34, 04-35

5/12/2017: Counting Down. Last 7 Units Of 1br For Sale! PRICE GUIDE: North Facing #22-17 @ 599k, #14-08 @ 583k, 19-08 @ 596k, #21-08 @ 601k. 

30/11/2017: Counting Down. Last 9 Units Of 1br For Sale! Prices From 583k.

23/11/2017: Register Now To Enjoy Starbuy Unit With VVIP Discount.

19/11/2017: SALES UPDATE for SOLD Units: 10-03, 05-05, 22-31, 13-27, 14-27, 10-25, 11-17, 02-27, 05-13, 11-21, 17-27, 16-17, 14-26 

Parc Botannia is an upcoming condo development situated along Fernvale Road, District 28, Singapore. Developed by the joint venture of Sing Holding Limited and Wee Hur Holdings Limited, the development offers 735 units across a variety of 1 to 5 bedroom.

The development will be situated on a higher terrain, and PES units will not be on the ground floor. The main entrance will be connected by Fernvale Street, which will be a new road which is currently now under development, it will be at least a two-way carriageway road, towards the east and the west, the connecting main road is Fernvale Road.

parc botannia facade

Parc Botannia Factsheet

Project Name Parc Botannia
Location 10,12,16 & 18 Fernvale Street
Orientation Majority of the units are North-South facing with park view, pool view or view of the greens.
Developer Fernvale Green Pte. Ltd (Sing Holdings Ltd)
Land Tenure 99 years commencing on 28 Dec 2016
Expected TOP Expected TOP 2020
District 28
Plot Ratio 2.8
Overall Site Area 17,195.9 sqm / 185,095 sqft
No. of Blocks 735 units
No. of Storeys Development comprises four 22-storey resident blocks with 1 childcare centre
Architect P&T Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Residential unit: 741 Lots (inclusive of 6 handicap lots)
  • Childcare centre: 15 Lots (inclusive of 1 handicap lot)
  • Total: 756 Lots (inclusive of 7 handicap lots)
Expected TOP Dec 2021
Legal of Completion Dec 2024

Price Guide (Updated Weekly):

Unit TypeTypical Size (sqft/sqm)Starbuy Unit
1 BR + S506/47 (Stack 1/10 Starbuy) Cheapest Unit #14-10 @ 673k$679k (#15-01) 
2 BR-C581/54 (Very limited unit) Pool Facing Last Few Units$815k (14-19)
2 BR-P667/62 (Stack 22/30 Most Popular) Pool Facing Last 10 Units$865k (#04-14) 
2 BR + S775/72 (Last several unit for north face)$975k (#03-28) 
3 BR-C870/80 (Ask For Updates) Selling Fast$1.084M (#03-12) 
3 BR-P969/90 (Ask For Updates)$1.216M (#03-33)
4 BR-C1152/107 (Stack 20 Most Popular)S$1.365M (#03-20)
4 BR-P1280/119 (Stack 20 Most Popular)S$1.51M (#03-25)
5 BR1410/131 (Last 10 Units Counting Down)S$1.662M (#03-06)

Parc Botannia Units Mix:

Unit Type Typical Size (sqft/sqm) No. of Units
1 BR 430/40 126
1 BR + S 560/47 67
2 BR-C 581/54 83
2 BR-P 667/62 123
2 BR + S 775/72 63
3 BR-C 870/80 84
3 BR-P 969/90 105
4 BR-C 1152/107 21
4 BR-P 1280/119 42
5 BR 1410/131 21


  • Right next to Thanggam LRT station
  • With the close proximity to Nan Chiau Secondary, Pei Hwa Primary, Sengkang Primary and Fernvale Primary.
  • Easily linked to CTE, TPE, Yio Chu Kang Road and Upper Thomson Road
  • Stroll to Seletar Mall and Greenwich V
  • Nearby Jalan Kayu Eateries
  • Full Condo facilities with Childcare Centre

The Singapore Government & HDB Role in Parc Botannia Construction

As part of Singapore's URA planning and development, Sengkang is designed as the next sub-city to enjoy tremendous growth, including the improvement in amenities, infrastructure, and recreation choices. With close proximity to the upcoming shopping malls and facilities, Parc Botannia and its surrounding estate will be pivotal to accommodating the expected population growth in this sub-city by 2025. 

Alongside the Green Initiatives of Singapore, Parc Botannia is designed to be situated near the deep network of Park Connectors and Neighbourhood Park - The closest being Punngol Park Connector. Looking to take a break from City Life, a short walk is all you need to enjoy the tranquility of the nearby Parks. On the whole, this will heighten the sense of belonging and quality of life on nearby residents.

In addition, the the Sengkang West Area near Parc Botannia will feature new precinct amenities including the current development of Seletar Aerospace Hub. Future and current residents will also be delighted at the well-connected transportation system via the Sengkang and Punggol LRT. You will just be a few stops away from the latest happening events in the area! With the massive overhaul and renovation, the Fernvale Estate definitely looks promising and a great area to live in.

According to the URA masterplan, there is still a generous amounts of residential and commercial elements that is still yet to be developed. Tens of thousands of residential units are still in the works, Within the entire Seletar Estate which is district 28 and Sengkang Estate which belongs to District 18, Sengkang is only about at 70% of its residential capacity, this is the reason why CompassOne shopping centre at the centre of Sengkang has redeveloped and Frasers Centrepoint has invested a lot of money to refurbish and spruce up the interior and tenant mix to support this growth.

Moreover, it is also very commonly known that Sengkang is an estate with very young families, families usually prefers to stay close to one another, we is it not difficult to find many of them extended families stay within the same estate or even the same cluster of blocks in the same area. Many years down the road in the future, there will also be aspiring families and couples to want to purchase a second property or to upgrade to a private property, the limited amounts of private property in the area dwarfs that of HDB developments and number of units, this will also help sustain a demand and thus price support for years to come in this entire district, with the upcoming commercial and industrial elements yet to be built, there is a very good element of price support in this area.

Parc Botannia is also the plot of land closest to the Seletar Aerospace Park but NOT next to the expressway. It may be worth to note that the proximity to Seletar Aerospace Park and Industrial Area will be very attractive to prospective tenants to choose the development. It also cuts down a lot of travelling time to commute to the Aerospace Park without needing to travel across the whole of Sengkang and Punggol Vicinity.

Parc Botannia Logo

Parc Botannia Condo: Sing Holdings & Wee Hur

Developer take on the prospects of Sengkang / Fernvale.

With Parc Botannia and her surrounding development, Sengkang will have tangible investment appreciation by 2025. Being the newest neighborhood in Sengkang, Fernvale will be part of Sengkang's seven sub-zones to be completed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB Singapore). This zone is expected to stretch from Punggol River to Jalan Kayu, and will be rewarded with an abundance of housing amenities. Needless to say, Jalan Kayu will be the main food street for delicacies and future prime area for coffeehouses and cafes.

The government has also, for the past 10 years, been actively upgrading and expanding the roads and you will also notice the amount of flyovers to improve access to and from the Seletar Aerospace Zone. This is in part of the government plan to bring jobs and amenities closer to home. The increase in economic activity has already been taken into consideration from the Government of Singapore, and the town planning has been planned to integrate seamlessly with the upcoming surge in Industrial and Residential activity and growth. This is the reason for the developer gutsy bid for the land.

Seletar Regional Centre - North Coast Innovation Corridor.

The North Coast Innovation Corridor is a continual stretch of land that dominates the North Eastern part of Singapore hugging the Coast Line, it is a concerted and coordinated effort planned by the government to share the economic activity and growth of the nation to other parts of the island to achieve scalability and higher potential capacity. 

The future North Coast will be an enterprising economic corridor filled with creative design, innovative ideas, and poster technology. Spanning from Woodlands Regional Centre, Sembawang Estate, the future Seletar Regional Centre to the learning corridor and creative cluster at Punggol Town.

In the long run, the Seletar Regional Centre will have the potential to grow to 2.2 times the size of the Tampines Regional Centre. And conveniently located next to it is the Seletar Aerospace Park, providing a huge range of activities including staff and technical training, engineering research, and aerospace and technology development. The Seletar Regional Centre and Aerospace park is slated and planning meticulously to become a major employment node for residents and people living in the North and North East.

Developer Bids and Development

As Parc Botannia is situated at an ideal and convenient location, this intricate condominium was tendered by a total of 14 proposals. The highest bid was brought forward by Sing Holdings and Wee Hur Development of a total bid value of S$287.1 billion. The runner up was China's Constructions proposal at S$287.98 billion. All in all, Sing Holdings and Wee Hur Development has a renowned name in Singapore and we can expect the development to have a positive 

Other bidders included China Construction (South Pacific) Development, Allgreen Properties, MCL Land (Regency), and Treasure View. This joint development will create positive hype and excitement for the residents of Sengkang. Interested buyers can take note on the latest updates of dates so you can plan your viewing. (See Above for Important Dates and Events).

Parc Botannia Condo: Trusted Developers History and Background

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) launched Parc Botannia for tender at Fernvale Road on September 27th.

Wee Hur Holdings is one of the developers working on the Parc Botannia. They have been creating housing residences in Singapore since their establishment in 1980. After 28 years, the company was listed on Singapore’s Exchange Mainboard on January 2008.

Sing Development is the other joint project development company that won the public tender for this project. They have been around since 1964. With over 50 years of experience, they are well-rounded, dedicated, and trusted to successfully complete this project. Recent developments by Sing Development include residential projects such as the BelleRive in Bukit Timah area or Waterwoods project in Punggol.

Parc Botannia: More Information and All You Need To Know

To register for our VVIP Preview, you can look at the updated schedule above and simply register with us - either with the Contact Us form or using the enquiry buttons. Don't worry, registration is free and we will help you secure the best slot for showflat viewing.

Parc Botannia condo has not been fully constructed and will TOP in Dec 2020. At the Parc Botannia show flat location, prospects will be able to view a three-dimensional replica of the building, get answers to any questions, and get up-to-date information and prices for

Parc Botannia @ Fernvale road will hold around 735 residential units, 17,196.4m2, a maximum gross floor area of 51,590m2 and a period of 99 years leasehold. Parc Botannia floor plan will range from 1 bedroom for small spaces living, to a deluxe 5 bedroom for a bigger family. Floor plans will be updated soon and you check back here for more info.



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